Why No Ratings?

In the summer of 2016, ChadLikesMovies went through a relaunch after years of inactivity. Why the sudden return? And why did the ratings system change?

As the internet continued to open more venues and means for people to share their opinion, the landscape of film criticism became increasingly negative, and so I thought of an idea for a new podcast: a place where no criticism is leveled nor are ratings given, where the subject matter is the things I like about movies. From that idea was born The Cinescope Podcast, which is a podcast that celebrates the movies I love rather than reviewing and rating new movies.

Wanting to bring back my written reviews as a means of talking about new movies that wouldn’t be featured on Cinescope, it was important to me to keep any form of film criticism in the same vein as that on the podcast, but I also didn’t want to ignore the flaws of a film either.

My solution is basically a simplification of Siskel & Ebert’s “thumbs up/down” system: basically, I either recommend a film for viewing, or I don’t. I’ll still discuss the flaws of a movie as well as what I like about it, but I won’t get detailed with how each compares to other films. Because here’s the thing: we all have different opinions, and I can only tell you what I like and what I don’t.

This is going to start off as an experiment so I can find a way to present it in a way I like it. If you have any feedback, please feel free to contact me via email!



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